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FRONTAGRO has the goal of suppling the best and most functional complementary nutritional supplements in the marked, that provide an optimal effect for the farmer, and therefore we do not compromise on quality for the used raw materials and ingredients to ensure an outstanding functionality of FRONTAGRO products.

Organic farming

Following the development of our five paste formulations for organic dairy cows, we offer the broadest product range for use in organic milk production, which consists of four products for calves and five products for organic dairy cows, all produced in accordance to EU regulations for organic farming.

Promotes health and productivity

The production is FAMI-Qs certified. Part of the product range is subject to the EU directive for dietetic complementary feed with particular nutritional purpose.

The product range of FRONTAGRO can be categorized to the following purposes:

  • Metabolic regulatory nutritional supplements for dairy cows around calving time.

  • Stabilization of the physiological digestion of young animals, especially during the first 4-6 weeks of life.

  • Dietetic complementary feed supplements for preventing anemia in the first weeks of life, for piglets.

  • Production and health-enhancing nutritional supplements for animals in specific stress situations.

  • Performance-enhancing paste formulation for competition horses.

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