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Contract manufacturing of animal health products.

The most important relationship between our customers and us as contract manufacturer is trust. We understand that.

The quality ingredients and raw materials used in our contract-manufactured products are key points. We also use these in our own product.

In our manufacturing facilities, we are able to fulfil your needs, whether it is packed in 5 l cans,  200 l drums, 4 kg buckets, 10 kg buckets, 15 kg bags or 1000 kg big bags - We do it all!

Your products will be manufactured correctly and packed accordingly to your instructions -

On time. You can trust in our system.

Interested in your own private label produced paste/gel formulations? 

- Dairy cows, conventional and organic

Wide range of preventative paste formulations, to enhance animal health, and prevention of milk fever, lack of P, ketosis, rumen acidosis, appetite stimulation, rumen function stimulator and carbon containing pastes.


Iron containing paste to replace iron injection and stabilize the intestinal function. 

Horses and companion animals

Electrolyte formulations, energy boosters, calming paste for nervous horses, as well as intestinal stabilizers and absorption pastes.


We have the possibilities to fill our paste in following types of cartridges:

- 60 ml dial-a-dose multi-dose cartridge, which do not need a dosing gun.

- 80 ml multi-dose cartridge, to be used with our adjustable dosing gun.

- 300 ml cartridge, to be used with our dosing gun.


Our production facilities fulfills EU feedstuff regulations and our quality and production facilities meets FAMI-QS quality standards.

New product development                                                                           

If you have an idea but don´t have the formula we can work with you in the development and formulation of new products. We can help take your concept or idea, and turn it into a functional product. For existing formulations, we can upgrade and rework them, - fresh them up for a new nutraceutical life.

We would like to meet you to discuss your needs and request, to give you a better understanding of our facilities and quality philosophy.                                                                                                                                

Give us a call at Tel.: 00 45 86 56 06 56 or contact us by e- mail at,-

we look forward to meet your requests.

Henning Brinch Hansen


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