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HemmoFer Drinking Iron

HemmoFer Drinking Iron is a board sceptered iron supplement, which via a unique combination of three easy absorbable iron sources will cover the need for iron of the piglets during the first weeks of life, and can replaces the use of iron injection.

Instruction for use:

To be used in a 2% solution
Contains 35.000 mg Fe per litre concentrate.
Administer the 2% solution from first day of life, and until the piglets are up to 3 weeks after birth. Use maximum 1 litre HemmoFer Drinking iron concentrate per sow, annual.

Packing: 200L drums and 1000 LBS.

HemmoFer Iron Paste

High iron containing paste for compensation for insufficient iron availability after birth, up to 3 weeks, in piglets.

Instruction for use: Administer 1.5 ml dose per piglet, to be dosed between 10 and 30 hours after birth via a paste-dosing pistol. Place the paste at the back of the tongue.
Each dose HemmoFer Iron paste contain 250 mg Fe.

Packing: 12 or 36 tubes with 90 grams pr tube.

Maxxi Yoghurt

Yoghurt product, lactose-rich, acidified and with lactic acid bacteria, as well as iron, zinc and copper. Added high level of easy absorbable energy (short-chain fatty acids).

Directions for use: Use 100-150 grams per liter lukewarm water (45 Gr. C).

Packing: 15 kg bag

Energy Paste

High-energy feed, which adds easy digestible energy for small weak born piglets and lams.
Properties Energy-rich three-component energy booster, which supply small and weak born piglets and lambs, mono- and

di-glycerides, which have a digestibility of 99%. As such, these newborns keeps their body temperature and become more energetic and vigorous.

Instruction for use:

Administer 2 grams dose as soon as possible after birth, for small and weak piglets. Second 2 grams dose, can be given 8-10 hours after the first dose.
Place the dose on the back of the tongue.
Lambs: Administer 4 grams dose short time after birth, for small lambs. A second 4 grams dose can be administered on the following day.
Make sure the dosing pistol is correct set for 2 grams doses!
Packing: 50 grams pr. tube. 12 tubes pr. box.

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